New to Beehive?

New to Beehive? Thinking of signing up for your first league?

You’re in the right spot! Please take a moment to read our “first timers” guide to Beehive Sport and Social Club!

Without further adieu here are the 10 most important things to know about Beehive Sport and Social Club:

  1. About Beehive: Beehive Sports was founded in 2011 to provide a space in Salt Lake’s  bizarre social scene for young adults to recreate and socialize. We organize adult, coed sports and social events where the emphasis is on building a community of friends, not squashing the competition. It can be hard to meet new people in comfortable settings in SLC, we think we’re fixing that.  Our founders (Dave and Jimbo) attend every league game. We love meeting new Beehivers and will go out of our way to introduce ourselves – don’t be creeped out though, we don’t bite. For more detailed info on our history, check our About Us.
  2. Social vs Super Social: The difference between our “Social” division and our “Super Social” division is skill level and past experience in the sport. Both divisions are fun, great for meeting new people and extremely social – one is just, well, more social (read: less competitive)!  For those still struggling… Social = Competitive. Super Social = Less Competitive
  3. Captains Play for Half Price:  Captains are to Beehive what Pastrami is to the Crown Burger (if you haven’t ever had a Crown Burger stop reading this and go get one of these legendary SLC concoctions).  Without them, Beehive would totally cease to be as fun as it is. They put in the work to recruit their friends to sign up, keep them abreast of league news, game times, reschedulings and set the tone of fun social play at each and every game. We love our captains, and as a token of our gratitude – we always let them play for 50% off. (Note: Team captains must pay for smaller team sports such as Cornhole and Skeeball)
  4. Playoff Formats: Every team that signs up (regardless of division) is guaranteed at least one playoff game. We do this for two reasons. One, to lift your spirits in case you lose more games than you win – you’ll have a shot to be the Cinderella story of the league. And two, so in case we make a mistake in reffing your game, our mistake will never eliminate you from playoff contention.
  5. After Party: Every one of our leagues has a bar sponsor. More than a place that serves adult beverages the bar sponsor acts as the social hub for Beehive Sports. We gather their after games to catch up. Regardless of whether you like to drink or not attending the post game sponsor bar will greatly improve your league experience!
  6. Team T shirts: If you register less than 3 weeks from the start of the first league game we CANNOT guarantee you the correct sized shirt. To keep our league prices as low as possible for you we order the shirts 3-4 weeks in advance. We’ll do our best to get you the right shirt (and we get it right way more than 50% of the time) but do us a favor and sign up early (besides, you’ll save money by signing up and paying in advance).
  7. Pay to Play: You now must pay before the first game. We requirement payment when you signup. If you do not pay within 6 hours or registration, you will automatically be removed from the roster by the system. This is a hard and fast rule that keeps us focused on providing a great league experience. If you need to make payment plan arrangements we’ll work with you – just send us an email and we can work something out.
  8. Beehive Giving Back to Charity: We are a community of like-minded people. As such we like to support like-minded causes in our larger community (SLC) that we want to succeed. Each season we pool a percentage of everyone’s league fees and give them to a charity. It happens with a funny big check around week 5 each season. Don’t miss it, it’ll warm your heart!
  9. Feedback: If you’d like to step up and be a leader in the Beehive community please speak up! Send us an email and you can help lead of our events each year or a brand new event that you think up!
  10. Spread the Words! The best way you can say thanks to Beehive Sport and Social Club (if you have fun and like what we’re doing) is to refer us to your friends. Help us make our social circle larger and all of Salt Lake stands to benefit!

Tshirt Policy –

It is the captain’s responsibility (or someone else from the team) to come and get shirts. Shirts will only be given out to registered players on the team.

  • All players registered three weeks before the league starts are guaranteed to receive the correct size league shirt.
  • All players registered within three weeks but before the captains shirt pick up will receive a shirt, and it’ll probably be the right size but isn’t guaranteed.
  • All players registered after the shirt pick up will receive their shirt the third week of the season. We will bring it to them at their game.


New Scheduling Policy –

If your team needs to have games scheduled at certain times before the season those requests need to be submitted two weeks before the league starts.

If they aren’t submitted two weeks prior we can’t guarantee we’ll be able to honor them.

If your team needs a game rescheduled after the season has already started it needs to be requested at least two weeks prior to the game.

If the request isn’t submitted at least two weeks prior we cannot guarantee it will be rescheduled.

All schedule/reschedule requests need to be submitted to the league coordinator as well as