Meet the Staff

daveDave Marquardt
Title: Chief Fun Officer aka The King Bee
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Why did you start Beehive Sports? SLC is a weird place. Mormons, inversion and 3.2 beer don’t make it any less bizarre. I started Beehive Sports to give SL,UT a place to hang out, meet new friends and get a minimal amount of exercise. So far, so good… (More info on how Beehive was founded…)

What’s your most proud moment? When I was 18 I went to the Utes first BCS bowl game, the Fiesta Bowl in Arizona. Before the end of the game I managed to get onto the field, high five Alex Smith on National TV (my phone promptly exploded with texts) and then get tasered by the police. I still can’t grow hair on my left nipple. I regret nothing.

What do you want to be when you grow up? This question assumes I want to “grow up” which I really don’t. Everything was more fun as a kid – teenage mutant ninja turtles, hey arnold, slip and slides, capes, do I need to continue? If I had to answer I’d say I want to take the best parts of kidhood and find ways for adults to enjoy them.

Favorite Bar in SLC? It doesn’t get a lot of talk and it’s kinda grimy but I really enjoy me some Murphy’s. Here’s why…They serve really really cold really really big beers. They have darts. They have a decent burger. I’m easy to please…

Favorite Beehive Sport? I like kickball the most. It’s the most friendly and social of all our sports. I think Skeeball could overtake it on those dimensions if we pull it off right. My least favorite is Dodgeball. Anytime you give adults permission to throw balls at each other someone is going to take one to the face and feel bad, which makes me feel bad :(

mikeMike Martin
Title: Web Geek / Email and League Coordinator
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Where are you from originally? Akron, Ohio but I moved here via Pittsburgh.
Full time occupation? I make things on my computer, rake baseball fields, and ref kickball games.
Favorite Friday night drink? High West on the rocks.
Favorite food? I could eat Tacos and Burritos 7 days a week.
How long have you been with BeehiveSSC and how did you find out about it? I moved here in July of 2012 and joined sand volleyball and kickball. I also talked to Dave about helping out with his open position for “Website Dork”… Website Dork evolved into setting up leagues, answering emails, counting t-shirt, etc… and now my face is on the website. I made it mom!
Favorite Beehive moment? There are so many of them… Probably a tie between Beehive Prom and winning the kickball belt. The weekend kickball doubleheader day was fun too.
Favorite thing about living in Utah? The awesome air quality during the winter. Just kidding. The mountains. I love the mountains.
Rock, paper, or scissors? Rock all day.
Favorite Bar in SLC? Whatever bar is the current Beehive sponsor bar. I like a lot of bars.. Batters Up, Beer Bar, Whiskey Street, Duffy’s, and my new favorite place Twist.

jimmyJames “Jimbo” “Jimmy the Cleats” Accettura
Title: Head Referee and Scheduling Czar / Beehive Muscle
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Where are you from originally? White Plains, New York
Full time occupation? Degenerate Gambler
Favorite Friday night drink? Jager Bombs and Heinekens, all night
Favorite food? My Grandmother’s pesto gnocchi
How long have you been with BeehiveSSC and how did you find out about it? Well, I was living in Salt Lake and Dave said he was moving back and asked if I wanted to start up a company with him, so, since the beginning.
Least favorite Beehive Sport to ref? Dodgeball, because all of you are assholes about it
Favorite Beehive moment? My first trip back to the 1800s to meet Diamond Jim, the greatest leatherworkin’ saddle man and Beehive Belt maker in this here territory.
Tell us something about you that most Beehivers probably don’t know. Bananas are an excellent source of potassium, and a fantastic hangover cure.
If you were a salad, what kind of dressing would you have? Italian Vinaigrette, because I’ve got flavor with a little tangy kick
Favorite thing about living in Utah? The things Mormon girls will do to stay “virgins”
Rock, paper, or scissors? Well, rock always wins…
If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go first and why? Obviously to see my family back in the old country first. But really where I want to go is the poppy fields of Afghanistan. It’s the new frontier where a man can make a living with just his bare hands, the sweat off his brow, and an AK on his hip.